15+ Natural Benefits Of Fennel Essential Oil

The benefits of fennel essential oil have been dated from way back.
Initially, it was used by warriors before battles to instill courage and strength.
Now, it is used worldwide because its benefits are immense ranging from its medicinal properties to its cure of certain ailments.

The oil is obtained from crushing the fennel seeds.

Method of administration:

– Applying on infected area if a wound or incision. (2-3 drops)
– Diffuse by simply inhaling the aroma or using a diffuser.
– May be used as a dietary supplement.

Ailments that can be healed with Fennel essential oil:

1. Headaches
2. Chronic coughs
3. Nausea
4. Abdominal pains
5. Diarrhea
6. Constipation
7. High blood pressure
8. Sore throats
9. Convulsions
10. Indigestion

Health benefits of Fennel essential oil:

Depurative property:

It does the function of detoxifying and purifying blood.

Since it enhances production of urine, more toxic substances are eliminated from the body thus cleansing the blood as well as the kidney and increasing its efficiency.

It also balances sodium levels in the blood and helps to get rid of toxic substances that get into the blood from external sources.

Antiseptic property:

The oil contains certain compounds that are of antiseptic property.
This can be used to prevent wounds and incisions from getting infected with tetanus especially after surgery where incisions are prone to infections.

Antispasmodic property:

Fennel essential oil has a calming effect on the nerves, intestines, muscles and respiratory tract thus providing quick relief to effects of spasmodic attack such as severe coughing and epileptic attacks.Aperitif property:

This is to say that the oil helps in the peristaltic movement at the intestines thus minimizes chances of constipation by enhancing bowel movement.

Carminative property:

It helps to escape gases from the intestines thus preventing effects such as indigestion and pain in the stomach and abdomen and also reduces hypertension.

It also prevents formation of additional gases thus is of much relief to people with chronic gas issues.

Galactogogue property:

This role is essential in lactating mothers.
The trans anethole, present in fennel essential oil enhances production of estrogen that enhances milk production.

The baby is thus able to get sufficient nutrients thus grow properly.

Moreover, its carminative is also passed to the baby preventing him/her from indigestion and production of gas, a common effect in infants.

However, this property makes it harmful to people with breast and uterine cancer and pregnant mothers. Excess estrogen is what causes such cancers thus boosting their production just worsens the situation.

Vermifuge property:

Fennel essential oil destroys parasitic worms which destroy body cells and cause malnourishment especially in children thus ensuring proper growth in children.Diuretic property:

It increases the frequency and quantity of urine thus helps to get rid of excess water, uric acid and other toxic substances, reducing blood pressure, cleaning the kidneys and reducing fats from the body.However, if you are not suffering from accumulation of fluids in the body, be sure to take sufficient amounts of water as frequent urination may result in dehydration.

Emmenagogue property:

This property is especially useful in women during their menstrual period.
It helps to clear any obstructed menses and make them regular.
This helps to create convenience especially in women whose periods are unpredictable.

It also provides relief to the symptoms related to periods such as cramps, headache and mood swings which cause much discomfort to women.

Reduces obesity:

Fennel essential oil acts as both a metabolic enhancer and appetite suppressant thus helping in weight loss.

Increased metabolic rates means increased energy production thus accelerating the breakdown of more body fat reducing weight loss.

Moreover, suppressing the appetite helps to reduce craving for food thus one eats less food and reduces chances of obesity.

It also contains melatonin that enhances healthy sleeping patterns.

Healthy sleeping patterns means less production of hormone ghrelin which increases craving for food thus one eats less.

Stimulative property:

This property brings about other properties such as the diuretic and galactogogue properties.

The stimulative property implies increased metabolic rates and thus increased body activities in the body systems including the endocrine system increasing milk production in lactating mothers (galactogogue property) and excretory system increasing urine formation and production (diuretic property).

Moreover, it helps to overcome fatigue and dizziness since the brain is activated to be alert thus making one efficient in their work.

Stomachic property:

The fennel essential oil is like the stomach’s shield. It keeps the stomach in proper balance and functioning.

Due to its stimulative property, secretion of gastric juice and bile in the stomach is enhanced thus its normal functioning.

It also prevents the stomach from infection and ulcers thus ensuring its health at all times.

Tonic property:

It improves your health in the following ways:

Due to its stimulative property, digestion is enhanced and in turn the absorption of nutrients thus increasing strength and reducing constipation.

Its antiseptic properties implies protection of body against infection. Since it also cures body ailments, it helps to boost the body’s immunity.

Treatment of insect bites:

When mixed with rose oil or lavender, fennel essential oil acts as a repellent against insect bites when applied to the skin.Moreover, it helps to offset the itchy effects caused by an insect bites as well as the swelling.

Expectorant property:

It provides relief from the deposition of mucus and phlegm that congest the respiratory tract and cause breathing difficulties.

Therefore,it is effective in the treatment of frequent coughs.


– Only use therapeutic grade essential oil for the best results.
– The fennel essential oil is not recommended as a dietary supplement for children under 6 years.
– If you are pregnant or having a medical condition, say cancer or epilepsy, consult a health practitioner on how to administer the fennel essential oil.
– Avoid fennel essential oil in heavy doses as it results in narcotic effects of convulsions and hallucinations.Conclusion
For mild ailments, fennel essential oil will be of much benefit but when it comes to serious health complications, be sure to seek professional assistance before administration. For effective results, blend with lavender, geranium or rose oils.

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